Xamarin Android: 'packaged_resources does not exist' build error

I recently received a weird error when building a Xamarin Android project using Visual Studio 2017. The error looked like this:

The file "obj\Debug\android\bin\packaged_resources" does not exist.

Stackoverflow gave me a few things to try.

So did Xamarin Forums. Most of them discuss checking the Android build tools version. Whilst this may resolve some issues for some people, it wasn't working for me. My build tools version 26 seemed pretty recent.

The key for me however was I had my project working fine a few minutes back. So it must have been something I recently introduced. I had just recently added some images to the solution. That proved to be the key. Finally, it turned out, the Android build process doesn't like hyphens in image names. All I had to do was to remove any hyphens from the images i'd just added to the Resources folder and rebuild :-).

In other words, I had to change the image file name from: